Jay Z pulls out to Kanye West on new album, Meek Mill

Jay Z

In the track Championships map Jay Z the support of the West for Trump, in a somewhat cryptic manner. ’No red cap, do not do it, Michael and Prince, myself, and Ye, they divorced you if you have the DNA of Michael and Prince have. I’m not one of these house-n***** you’ve bought’.

By many listeners, this track is considered as a disstrack of Kanye West, who recently released or said is no longer with politics to want to interfere, but until that time, openly a staunch supporter of Trump, and is often showed with a red Make America Great Again-hats. Others think that the rest of the lyrics which he sings that his house is larger, and his wife better, be more focused on Donald Trump, on Kanye.

The album of Meek Mill now receives in each case the necessary attention on social media; it’s his first since april was released from prison, after he was arrested for a violation during his probation. In may, he would at an event with Trump in conversation about reform of the prison system – even the punishment that Meek Mill was by a variety of stars as unjust considered , but he pulled away at last, because the attention too much to them if people went out instead of to the discussion, he said.

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