Jackie Chan spends a fortune on hookers

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Jackie Chan

The 64-year-old actor afraid not for his real me to show, in his autobiography, Never Grow Up. In his memoirs, he explains that his behaviour arose out of uncertainty and immaturity. He writes about all the times that he was drunk behind the wheel, crawled, and two cars in the mush for reed, but also about how reckless he is with his money was.

Chan began his career as a stuntman, that was also the time that he made his money began to squander. “We all knew that if something went wrong, we the next day the sun no more would come. We lived moment to moment and that as a result of that we are unwise with our money interacted,” he writes in his autobiography.

2 million

When he finally also underway could as an actor, instead of only as a stuntman. was Chan not at all. “I always had large sums of money at me. If you are always in poverty have lived by, gives money a kind of guarantee. I love to be surrounded by people and made always for a luxurious meal. About 10 years ago, I definitely have 2 million issued to people’s food. And it didn’t stop there. “I gave a lot of ridiculously expensive gifts; watches, cars, leather jackets, boxes of expensive wine. He gave his money not only in his or her environment. Chan also tells him that he a large part of his fortune has been spent on gambling and hookers, including one woman, in particular, that he a ’Number 9’.

Also he tells he used to be a ’real bastard’. He treated women badly and even threw his son Jaycee when he was just a peutertje was by the room. Fortunately, the now 36-year-old Jaycee unharmed during these outbursts of anger. “I’m a bad father and husband, but I’ve also done what I had to do. I behaved myself so terrible because I was uncertain. There is always to me looked at.”

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