Ine Tiolants is the MNM Rising Star 2018

Recently started youth radio station MNM by MNM Rising Star for the second year in a row, the quest for the biggest names of new musical talent in Flanders. All MNM listeners could in the last weeks of musical talent that needs to be discovered with the radio station to share. After a successful registration period, selected by the MNM-jury from hundreds of entries to 3 finalists.

Glauco Aguilar Espinoza, Robin Crauwels and Ine Tiolants names against each other in a thrilling week where they had to occur on a packed train, a promotional campaigns run and of course their song live to bring on MNM. The ultimate winner was this morning announced in The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow.

Ine Tiolants went to walk away with the title and goes home with a golden place. She follows the OT as a second MNM Rising Star and will still frequently be heard on MNM.

“Unbelievable! I’m really shaking. To everyone who has voted: thank you!

Ine Tiolants
“When the bids fell Ine her star quality to us immediately. Her live performances and cover have convinced us: this year is her year!”

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