Heavy earthquake and chaos, a lot of damage in Alaska

ANCHORAGE – Update – The largest city of Alaska, Anchorage, is hit by an earthquake. That had a power of 7. Earlier was still there of 6.7, but the American seismological institute USGS has the power upwards. The epicentre was 12 miles north of Anchorage, on a large depth. Meanwhile, several heavy aftershocks felt.

A plane at the airport of Anchorage.

Air traffic to and from Anchorage is come to a standstill because the air traffic control tower at the airport is evacuated. Also, there is major damage to roads, bridges, houses and buildings.

The police has its hands full, and calls on the inhabitants of the city, especially not the way to go, a safe shelter to seek, and gas and water taps closed. In many places the stream is down.

The authorities gave as a precaution a tsunamiwaarschuwing for the coastal areas around Cook Inlet, the inlet where the city is located. That warning has now been withdrawn.

President Donald Trump is informed of the earthquake and keeps an eye on the damage, his spokeswoman let us know. Trump is on the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

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