Harvey Weinstein hopes that the new witness him vrijpleit in a case

The cases and once-celebrated film producer, did last week with success to a complaint from the table.

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer is counting on a new female witness to the warring filmmogol to help his remaining charges against sexual violence in New York to defeat.

Weinstein is currently available for the rape of three other women, where dozens of other women accuse him of sexually unacceptable behaviour, abuse and also rape. According to the once-powerful producer’s right there’s nothing from their statements and there was no question of coercion to have sex. It is not known for any thing it goes to and who the witness is.

Weinstein is now by about sixty women accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from harassment to rape. A number of things would have played at the Sundance Film Festival in the American state of Utah.

Weinstein will no longer be prosecuted for the financial fraud that was associated with the settlements, which he struck with his rape victims. The prosecutor’s office in Manhattan, New York has decided this indictment to drop, reports Deadline.

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