Hailey Baldwin still believes not to children

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Hailey Baldwin

“I love children and I can’t wait till I own them get. That is now also more in the line of expectation, but it will certainly take some time,” according to the model. As the daughter of Stephen Baldwin know Hailey what it was like for her children to have a famous father. Yet she in her youth are not much aware of the stardom of her father, she says in the interview.

“My parents have me and my sister as far away from Hollywood brought up, that you are at home with us nothing again of show business,” she recalls. “I have a normal childhood. I only came into the spotlight when I was 19.”

Justin (24) asked Hailey (22) in July at marriage in the Bahamas. In september crossed the rumors head on, the two secretly were married. On the American holiday of Thanksgiving earlier this month confirmed Justin their marriage. “My first Thanksgiving as a married man,” he wrote in a photo.

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