Grim atmosphere in Brussels by action yellow bibs, tunnels closed

Brussels – A spontaneous demonstration of the yellow bibs in Brussels for congestion. The police has six traffic tunnels in the direction of the center closed and leads cars and buses. About five hundred activists occupy an important intersection in the city.

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The estimated five hundred activists focus mainly against the Belgian government and demands the resignation of prime minister Charles Michel. They do not agree with the rising cost of living. The police gave earlier this week permission for a demonstration but that was then, organisers annulled.

Also the tram and metro traffic is hindered. On politiebevel is a number of stops closed. Also put the police a water cannon. Protesters throwing smoke bombs and other objects at the riot police. On images is to see that verkeerspalen and stones out of the ground to be drawn.

The police have streets cordoned off, and at this time block used the small ring, between the North and south station of the city. The police allowed the demonstrators this morning to wait in the Brussels stations and a group of around thirty activists was immediately held. That let the police know at the Newspaper.

“As a result of an action of the #gelehesjes be the Rue de la loi (at the height of the small ring), the Art-Wettunnel (direction city center) and the Jubelparktunnel (towards the centre) closed to traffic”, so writes the Brussels police on Twitter.

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