Fregatcommandant: ‘You notice the increased assertiveness of Russia constantly

The frigate Louise-Marie

According to the commander of the Belgian frigate Louise-Marie is the threat of Russia is real. ‘You notice their increased assertiveness continuously.’ Also our F-16’s had this week besides act against Russian jets in the Baltic region.

The Belgian frigate Louise-Marie is just back from a Nato-exercise in Norway. On Radio 1 told the commander Kristof Van Belleghem that the Russian navy constantly in the area.

‘We take note of the increased assertiveness of Russia continuously during all of the exercises. There is always a certain moment contact with the Russian navy. Who wants to be very present in international waters, both in the Mediterranean as in the north.’

But he says: ‘We will not be intimidated. We try our exercises as well as possible to continue to show that we are ready for possible hazardous conditions.’

He doesn’t believe that the Nato-Russia provokes with the exercises in the seas near Russia. “It’s not about provocatoie but to force space and to our vision on the freedom of navigation is guaranteed.’

The threat of Russia is definitely real, ” he says. And certainly the countries that border Russia, such as the Baltic states, experienced that.

Just the day before yesterday had our Belgian F-16’s Russian fighter jets intercepting that without a flight over the Baltic states flew. Our country protects together with the German air force, the Baltic region, in command of the Nato against Russia. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia do not have own military aircraft.

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