Freek Braeckman was a rebel at school

Qmusic-dj and Red Nose Day ambassador, Sam De Bruyn launched specially for Red Nose Day podcast: The Class of Sam. For five weeks drew to Sam each week to the high school of a well-known Flemish people where they are an hour long talk about their time at school. This week, invited Sam Freek Braeckman in his former classroom at the atheneum Voskenslaan in Ghent. Did you know that Freek used to really Frederik was called? He changed his name for the first time at the age of eighteen to ‘Freek’.

Sam wondered if Freek a rebellious aspect had in high school. “Yes, but I was not opjutter. I had the feeling that I always fought for justice. There was a girl from my year who, in her punkjaren came and her hair was blue paint. But in one of the articles of the school rules was that you have a decent hairstyle had to have it. So that blue hair could not and that the girl was suspended. So in those moments, I was always happy in the front of and the day after, all the pupils of her blue sprayed with a spray can. And the management screwed that measure back,” says Freek.

Freek was the last guest in the Class of Sam that his story came tell for Red Nose Day.

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