Freddie Mercury beats Harry Potter

Rami Malek

This is evident from the bioscoopcijfers which Friday published. Bohemian Rhapsody has been running for five weeks in theatres in the Netherlands and attracted so far more than 725.000 people. This is the Queen-biopic on his way to becoming the best-attended film of 2018.

The success of the film is remarkable, given the mixed reviews. There is a lot of praise for lead actor Rami Malek, but some critics find that the movie is too little, the dark aspects of Mercury are discussed, such as his drug use and his struggle with his homosexuality. Unanimous is by the way the way praise which his unparalleled musical talent in the film is shown.

In the arthousebioscopen to do, especially movies about strong women are good at the moment. The Wife, with Glenn Close who, after forty years of marriage out of the shadow of her famous husband get, pulled within one week of 22,000 visitors. And also the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Dutch-language film Girl is doing very well. The Belgian entry for the Oscars tells the story of a transgendertiener who would like to be a ballerina wants to be. The film by director Lukas Dhont pulled in a month’s time, more than 66,000 visitors.

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