Frank Masmeijer gives a ’very limited role’

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Masmeijer told that he was certain “a certain decision” has him in the mess. To say that he was a mediator between clients and practitioners. “I’m sorry if I that people in contact with each other have brought,” he said to the judges. Masmeijer insists he has nothing earned to the cokesmokkel and barely knew about it. On an intercepted pallet with bananas was 467 kilos of cocaine, good for 23 million euros.

In the first instance, convicted the Belgian court Masmeijer (57) to eight years in prison and 48,000 euro fine for involvement in cocaïnesmokkel via the port of Antwerp. Justice demands that punishment, plus a fine of 40,000 euros. According to the prosecutors played the old presenter indeed has a major role in the drugsbende.

Fame lost

Defence counsel Kris Vincke describes the former school’s co-celebrity, a famous programs like the Holidayshow and Raw, if someone with the wrong people is walking. “But he was certainly not a major promoter.” The lawyer outlined how Masmeijer “, almost his life was lost” when he was after the smuggling had failed in each other was beaten by a group of men. Masmeijer went there himself briefly. “I was from all sides hit,” he told.

“He is his reputation is lost, it is ridiculed in the press and his marriage is broken,” summed up the lawyer the personal consequences of the criminal case. Also comes Masmeijer hardly any work. “He is at an age where it is no more evident is to thrive as a young daisy.”

Thursday session

The lawyer asked the judges to a penalty of not exceeding five years, of which two are conditional. “I ask you to make the necessary gentleness and a humane punishment. There is no risk of re-offending,” says Vincke.

Next week Thursday is the next session in the case against Masmeijer and the other alleged gang members. The former presenter indicated that his side of the story now enough is exposed. The ruling follows the beginning of next year.

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