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Fidelity is considering XRP, XLM, BCH, EOS and LTC for crypto trading platform

Fidelity is considering XRP, Stellar, Bitcoin, Cash, EOS and Litecoin for new crypto trading platform

Home News Fidelity is considering XRP, Stellar, Bitcoin, Cash, EOS and Litecoin for new crypto trading platform

Marcus Misiak –

The announcement of Fidelity in the past month to launch a new platform for institutional investors – Fidelity Digital Asset, has attracted a lot of positive expectations. Tom Jessop, CEO, said is now on the Block FS-conference in New York that Fidelity will offer more Cryptocurrencies than just Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The subcontractor for crypto-currencies of Fidelity, Fidelity Digital Assets, a multi-national financial services company will be more Cryptocurrencies into its platform as a Bitcoin and Ethereum record, the statements of Tom Jessop on the Block FS-conference New York, as CoinDesk reported. According to Jessop Bitcoin and Ethereum have been selected as the first two offers, which is mainly due to their market capitalisation and their brand name.

Jessop praised the inclusion of other crypto-currencies, due to the large demand of their more than 13,000 institutional clients. Overall, Fidelity holds more than 6.8 trillion dollars in total customer assets, with approximately 27 million customers.

Jessop specified not to add Kryptos, but gave a hint when he said that “there is a demand for the next four or five in the ranking of the market capitalization. So we will look into it“. At the Moment, that would mean that XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, Stellar, EOS and Litecoin could be part of the Digital Asset on offer from Fidelity.

When it comes to new coins to add, watch the company carefully on what customers want next. In addition, it is one of the most important Considerations, whether a particular coin is probably true as the value of paper. Jessop said:

I think apply when it comes to the value of paper tokens, or Token, probably as the securities, we wait to the fact that this space is developed.

Although it is not a stock exchange, have been clients of Fidelity have access to a Trade Execution platform, vault functions, and the advice of business experts. Jessop told CNBC recently that Fidelity, a leading provider of Legacy solutions, is in the perfect Position to utilize its experience and technology in the emerging world of crypto-currencies.

We saw that there were certain things that the institutions needed that could offer a company like Fidelity. We have some of the technologies that we have adopted from other Parts of Fidelity. We can use all the resources of our great company.

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