Family: where is Evy?

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Thursday night were the viewers of Family witnessed a terrible moment in the soap opera: Marie strangled Evy Hermans. In a fit of whimsy did Marie something they actually did not want to do. Evy Hermans is not more; in the episode of Friday night there was also no trace of Evy. Marie tries versus Cédric to act as if nothing is going on and is silent in all languages on Evy. Her bed remained onbeslapen and is unreachable. Her housemates are worried because when they Evy try to make a call, punches it straight to her voicemail. But no one is immediately sure. But what is with the body of Evy happened? Is the dead body still on the apartment of Evy or she managed to get all the tracks to Evy to delete? They would the corpse have dumped? Questions abound and it is still the question of whether we are there to answer. Marie, meanwhile, has already two murders on her conscience, can they the dance to escape? Without doubt, Evy notes about her research, but enough to make it to a final to come and now she is dead?

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