European Marssonde need Nasa’s help

3a686232bedbd1d7b7b80e8dbaab84b1 - European Marssonde need Nasa's help

The ‘orbiter’ of the first part of the European-Russian mission ExoMars is waiting for signals from the Monday on the Red Planet landed American robot InSight

That has the European Ruimtevaartbureau ESA communicated. The ‘Trace Gas Orbiter’ (TGO), which is also with an important Belgian contribution (NOMAD) the atmosphere of Mars studies, has two by the American ruimtevaartbureau NASA-built radios with which the probe signals of the InSight can be captured, then data to the Earth.

The TGO will fly on Friday at 16.20 hours on the InSight and will thus retrieve the data that the robot has collected. When the European-Russian rig Monday night in the range of a ground station in Madrid, which dates to there.

Also the robotjeep of the second part of ExoMars will be after arrival in 2021, the TGO.

InSight investigates, with the assistance of the Royal Belgian Observatory, in particular the inside of our neighbour.

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