Eleven tons of hashish in Dutch yacht

RAGUSA – On a Dutch sailing yacht that, in Sicily, run, is 11 tonnes of hashish found. The two people on board have been arrested. According to the Italian customs, they come from Bulgaria and they are about 40 years old. The yacht, the Leucothea, is seized.

The party hash was on a Dutch yacht found. Photo for illustration.

According to the Spanish police was the yacht departed from Melilla, a Spanish city on Morocco borders. Off the coast of Algeria got its smokkellading. That was with speed boats from the main land. Then put the boat in the direction of Italy. In Sicily was the yacht intercepted.

Jute bags

The drugs were hidden in 407 jute bags. Presumably it was cargo destined for Eastern Europe. I had the hash approximately 100 million euros, can deliver, according to the Italian authorities.

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