Dutch docu Goin’ Rectal been nominated for the Hungarian film award

Dennis Alink

The annual Grand Budapest Film Festival is a two day event that focuses on independent filmmakers from all over the world. Soon to be published, or Goin’ Rectal foreign film award actually has won.

Alinks documentary about the band, Rectum Raiders, and his cucumber-devouring, homo-erotic, and extravagant post-pubertal group. In this absurd spectacle reflects comedian and actor Henry van Loon (The Luizenmoeder) as the narrator on the choices and the developments of the ever-struggling glamrockband.

Rectum Raiders was all to see in The World Runs By and now has a fanatical constituency built up. But despite appearances at festivals such as Zwarte Cross festival, TT Assen, Popronde and Paaspop remains the major breakthrough until now.

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