DJ Khaled closes deal in cryptofraudezaak

037f116a19cb7d49060624d5e6f47d05 - DJ Khaled closes deal in cryptofraudezaak

Floyd and Khaled locks this week a deal with the commission, as made SEC Thursday known. The athlete has agreed to a sum of 600,000 dollars, the music producer promised $ 150,000. The two have therefore no fault to be found, and are not further involved in the case against the cryptobedrijf. In the agreement, they committed them in the coming years, no advertising for other similar companies.

DJ Khaled had Centers Tech Inc. on social media, touted as ground-breaking. He received $ 50,000 for a sponsored post. Mayweather made advertising for three cryptobedrijven and earned there in total of $ 300,000.

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