’Defect plane Merkel not sabotage’

BERLIN – The problems with the regeringsvliegtuig of chancellor Merkel are not caused by sabotage. There is no indication that the technical fault in question was intentional, said a spokesman of the German air force.

He rejected this messages that the plane would be sabotaged. The crew had Thursday night over the North sea, the trip to Argentina suddenly break down and make an emergency landing. That could not be in Amsterdam because it’s a lot of fuel on board a longer flight path for the landing was needed. The plane landed in Cologne.

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’Phone Merkel may be sabotaged’

German media reported that the Airbus A340-300 was struck by an unprecedented severe failure of the communication system”. Such a failure was not possible, according to sources within the security services. It was, therefore, thought to be sabotage, for example, by a cyberattack on the device.

Merkel is now with a scheduled flight en route to Buenos Aires, where the summit of the G20 will be held.

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