Court martial rounds sessions December murders off

PARAMARIBO – The Suriname court martial Friday, the last things in the process about the December murders treated. It is not yet known when the president of this court against the seventeen defendants judgment will suggest.

The Surinamese president Desi Bouterse tried the process in the December murders to thwart.

In the 8 decemberstrafproces revolves around the murder of fifteen prominent Surinamese in december 1982. Prime suspect is the current president of Suriname, Desi Bouterse. In 1982 he was leader of the then military rule.

The court proceedings started in 2007, while the defendants in 2004 were summoned. The process has taken so long due to the large number of suspects, but also because of several attempts of the government-Bouterse to stop the process. There were 25 suspects, of whom six have died, two cases were still before the court.

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