Coulthard describes Verstappen as ” a serious world cup candidate

Max Verstappen is being interviewed by David Coulthard.

Coulthard, himself a multiple GP winner, expected that Red Bull in 2019, the gap with Mercedes and Ferrari can close it. “The car of Red Bull had in 2018 more downforce than any other car on the road,” he says in a interview with Speedweek. “When the partnership between Honda and Red Bull brings what you expect, can Max what concerns me a great challenger for the world championship title and Lewis Hamilton.”

The Shot even goes a step further: “I think the young Verstappen is one of the few drivers that Hamilton in a straight fight to tackle. Let’s see what Red Bull does, where Verstappen about dreams and what we want to see as fans: a duel for the world championship between Hamilton in the Mercedes, Vettel in the Ferrari and Verstappen in the Red Bull.”

He considers, furthermore, that the Dutchman has matured. “Even now he is still very rough around the edges. He has taken a step back done and all of a sudden he was there again. I am sure that Max Verstappen in 2019 with a good car, a throw back to the world title can do.”

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