Controversial film Climax in premiere IFFR

6c9b5c7437140afc9f41425da9140827 - Controversial film Climax in premiere IFFR

The film tells about a cheerful dance-evening of a group of students that completely derails if someone from the company LSD in the sangria throws. Within no time degenerates the party in a melting pot of paranoia, fears, desires, violence, blood, sex and zelfmutilatie. Director Gaspar Noé made earlier, the controversial drama Irréversible.

Climax experienced earlier this year, the world premiere at the Cannes film festival and received positive reviews. The film won various awards at authoritative international festivals. The IFFR will take place from 23 January to 5 February. Climax runs from January 31st nationally in Dutch cinemas.

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