Company Trump wanted Putin penthouse give

WASHINGTON – The Trump Organization, the holding in which the zakenbelangen of the American president Donald Trump will be in 2016 has proposed to Russian president Vladimir Putin a penthouse to the value of fifty million dollars in the Trump Tower, the company in Moscow wanted to build. So wanted to the Russian permission to ensure and also the price to float.

This writes the news website BuzzFeed, on the basis of conversations with American investigators and onroerendgoedmakelaar Felix Satyr, who as a consultant involved in the project. Satyr, the plan would have imagined, and Trumps ex-lawyer Michael Cohen would have discussed it with an assistant of Dmitri Peskov, the spokesman of Putin. According to Satyr would be “all of the oligarchs murder” to an apartment in the same tower as Putin, so the value of the project would double.

Or Trump on the height was is not known. Cohen and the onroerendgoedproject, which ultimately did not take place, play a large role in the investigation that the special prosecutor Robert Mueller to the Russian interference in the American presidential election of 2016.

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