Bull on Wall Street is no longer in the company of brave girl

After a year and a half will receive the famous statue of the bull on Wall Street is no longer the company of the ‘Fearless Girl’ or the brave girl. The company that that last picture had to place it, it is now moving to the entrance of the fair, a few streets away.

The girl with the hands in the hip, the chin up and the hair blowing in the wind for the ‘Charging Bull’ was in march last year in the framework of women’s day put down by the financial company State Street Global Advisors. The image was immediately extremely popular among visitors of the Financial District, but was actually after a month of disappearing.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, left the statue after a petition, however, stay longer. According to him, offered the girl a lot of inspiration to women, at a time when there is much need for is. He referred inter alia to the election of Donald Trump as president of the united states and the large marches of women that followed.

Critique on the image

The statue was, however, not everyone is popular. It was also seen as a pure marketing stunt of State Street, according to the critics itself does very little to give women a larger role in the financial sector.

Also the artist of the bronze ‘Charging Bull’, which since 1987 on Wall Street, was dissatisfied and moisture the licence for ‘Fearless Girl’. Arturo Di Modica took the new image as a gross infringement on the artistic rights as an artist’. “The whole dynamic of my work is changed by that presence.’

The past few months, posed hundreds of people on the statue of the girl. Now remember, only a placard in its presence. Footsteps on the ground, invite her to take the seat, and the bull in the eyes.

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