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Belgian Lions win hard clash in Iceland, the qualification for… european CHAMPIONSHIP-qualifying round is almost a fact

The Belgian Lions won in Reykjavik after a hard party vs Iceland and counting in the pre-qualifying round 2 at 2. Sunday’s win in Portugal and a spot in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers in november 2019 start, is as good as a fact.

The with a comeback extracting Sam Van Rossom (17 points, 4 assist) led the Lions to a victory. In the first quarter and took Rossom the Lions in tow, scored eight points, but after 8-12 fell in Belgium still. Iceland defended aggressively, was fast, and worked especially sharp. With an 11-3 tussenspurt, via Acox, took over Iceland’s initiative about: 15-12 and 19-15 after an unsportsmanlike error of Salumu after the first quarter. Iceland walked up to 24-16, but with a returned Of Rossom followed a Belgian reaction. Tabu, Gillet and Serron dropped bombs and after 0-10 tussenspurt (28-33), a now swinging Belgium to 33-39 with a dunk of Boukichou to 34-43 halfway. Defensive was the moustache and with new bombs of Gillet went to a maximum of 38-50. The vicious Vikings were not committed and remonteerden to 46-54. The party was grim and Iceland won the third slider: 50-56. In the slotkwart, both teams are difficult to score and flickered there after four minutes, only a 54-59 bonus on the scoreboard. Salumu with a good momentum (56-64) and a strong defense kept the Belgians narrowly ahead of: 63-68. The selection of coach Dario Gjergja showed against the burly Icelanders character and through Serron and Rossom went to earned 66-79 Belgian profits. Pierre-Antoine Gillet and Jean Salumu blesseerden to the roe and Kevin Tumba on the shoulder. Hopefully the diagnosis is not too heavy. Portugal wait for Sunday already in Albufeira. Friday travel the Belgian Lions of Iceland via London to the Algarve in Portugal.

Iceland-Belgium 66-79

Iceland: (24 of 63 shots, of which 8 are on 25 triples 10 to 14 vrijworpen and 25 errors) BAERINGSSON 6-8, STEFANSSON 1-6, VILHJALMSSON 5-5 , O. OLAFSSON 4-0, HLINASON 6-2, Oskarsson 0-0, Steinarsson 0-2, G. Olafsson 0-0, Fridriksson 2-8, Acox 6-2, Stefansson 3,-0 Thomas 0-0

Belgium: ( 25 of 56 shots, including 12 on 29 triples, 17 to 22 vrijworpen and 17 errors) OF ROSSOM 10-7, SERRON 7-4, KESTELOOT 3-0, GILLET 6-3, BOUKICHOU 6-5, Mwema 0-0, Tabu 5-0, Salumu 3-12, Tumba 3-2, Libert 0-3, Bako 0-0

Quartz: 22-15, 12-28, 16-13, 16-23

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