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Bart Peeters celebrates 60th birthday in the Lotto Arena with ‘Best of’show

Bart Peeters today celebrates his 59th birthday, but he thinks after his 60th. On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 november 2019, he brings in the Lotto Arena, a ‘Best of’program.

In ‘Van Gils & guests ” came Bart Peeters, who is today the 59-year -, Thursday night to announce that he next year a big concert in the Lotto Arena for his 60th birthday.

Bart Peeters chose the Lotto Arena because they are big enough for real ambience and cosy enough for real intimacy, let the singer know. Hence there are also caravan pitches are on the center square during the both shows.

The two ‘Deluxe’show in the Lotto Arena is a where Peeters was a huge success. Bart brings to good practice are a group of ‘ideal men’, and there will also be a few guests join in on the party.

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