Ariana Grande shares emotional letter in docu

Ariana Grande

“May 22, 2017 will be for me always speechless and full of questions”, writes Ariana in the letter, which eight months after the attack of recession. She tells that music is something that her always feel safe. “Music brings people together, gives them the sense that they can be themselves. Music offers solace and fun. It is the last thing someone would hurt, and if there is such a terrible thing in this world happens, is that so shocking and heartbreaking that it seems impossible ever to recover.”

The documentary shows the preparation of One Love, Manchester, the charity that the singer a few weeks after the terrorist act organized. “The love, strength and unity of the people in Manchester has taught me me not to let floors”, writes the singer on that. “To go in the scariest and verdrietigste times. To hate not to win, but instead, as hard as possible to love.”

The events are in her hearts, says Ariana. “I think still continuous to Manchester, and I will do the rest of my life with me all the time.”

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