Antonie Kamerling Award to #jesuisdepri

The 5 young people from the series, photographer Rosemary Dekker, the creators and presenter Jan Kooijman received the award during a Open MIND Dinner in Amersfoort delivered by the winner of last year, psychiatrist Menno Oosterhoff. More than 5,500 people have cast their vote. #jesuisdepri got 39 percent of the vote, the tv-series True Selfie 33 percent, and the documentary Alicia 28 percent.

In #jesuisdepri followed Kooijman five young people who are depressed or that have been. The series wants to depression among young people to talk about and more understanding for young people with the disease.

The MIND Antonie Kamerling Award’ was produced after consultation with Isa Hoes and the family of Antonie. Psychiatrist Menno Oosterhoff last year, was the first winner with his book False Alarm.

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