’André van Duin has nothing to showing off’

André van Duin

“My life long I have the comedian’, with hats and hats and mustaches. Now I do just normal, and then you hear: ’What, any, what does he like that!’ I have so dozens of years for nothing, and showing off,” concludes Van Duin in conversation with the newspaper de Volkskrant. “‘After fifty years of joking, it was also time for something else. At a certain age is it pathetic to be in short pants with hats on.”

His role in The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, he found sometimes difficult. “I was allowed nothing by director Tim Oliehoek. No kidding, no eyebrow raising, everything had to be ’small’. Why do you ask a comedian, ” I said to him, as that nothing should? “Great if you do nothing, you have your appearance,” said Tim. There he is right in got, the series was a success. I’ve learned that acting consists mainly of doing nothing. At least, this kind of reels than. There are, of course, action movies.”

The comedian doesn’t know what he will do if Henry Green is ready. “I’m working with two other programs, but I can not say anything yet. What I then do, I don’t know. I have the majority of the future behind me, but I’m a long time continue working. You need to be a little bit worried every single day, a reason to stand up. It is important to continue to count.”

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