125 Sudanese women with violence, raped

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Rubkona – Sure 125 women in South Sudan are violently raped and abused. The attacks in the region still go through.

Southern Sudanese women attempt to get away from the dangerous region.

Doctors without Borders reports that at an alarming message. The organization has in the past ten days to 125 women and girls, medical relief granted, after they brutally are raped and abused. Authorities have the attacks in the Southern Sudanese province of Rubkona not yet know to stop. Many women therefore attract headlong away from the region.

“In the past week, there are so many young girls and women to our clinic in Bentiu came after them in the most terrible way, have been sexually abused,” says Ruth Okello, a midwife with Doctors without Borders in South Sudan. “There are girls who are younger than ten years old and women older than 65. Even pregnant women were not spared.”

In addition to that the women in violent manner are raped, they are with whips, sticks and geweerkolven beaten. They are robbed of their money, clothes, shoes and anything that had value. Even their food stamps are taken and torn apart by the attackers. The perpetrators are large groups of men, both armed as unarmed, reports Doctors without Borders.


“I work now for more than three years in South Sudan. I have never seen such a huge increase in the number of victims of sexual violence, seeking medical help,” says Okello. “In the first ten months of this year we have 104 victims of sexual violence treated, but in the past week alone, they added 125 girls and women.”

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