Wendy van Dijk: Ushi would now insult his Japanese wife

Wendy van Dijk

In the talk show watch Erica Terpstra and Wendy van Dijk back to the fragment in which Ushi, the old politician interviewed. On the question of Jeroen Pauw or they are now Ushi could play, apart from the fact that they immediately recognized might be, says Wendy: “I don’t think so. I don’t think so, because of the way I’m a Japanese woman, drop it.” Terpstra reacts with surprise, but Wendy is firmly. “Still, don’t insult, I think now the Japanese woman.”

Jeroen Pauw indicates that the when ’by almost the whole society if fun was experienced’. Wendy: “And Dushi, a Curacao woman, is absolutely unthinkable.” She finds it difficult that everyone now believes anonymous and unfiltered on social media can throw. “Everything is said.”

Ushi and Van Dijk was a funny program in which the memento of Ushi posing as a Japanese reporter and her guest several separate questions. It was from 1999 to 2002 broadcast.

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