Viewers disappointed: no Afrojack but Adam Curry

They had prefer to Afrojack than Adam Curry

There was, as to brands, fans eagerly awaited what Afrojack to Peter van der Vorst had to tell me, like in the guide and in voorstukjes was presented. And its replacement was not in good earth. “Nohhh, I want to Afrojack, not Adam Curry”, tweets a disappointed viewer. “You’re waiting on Afrojack, you get Adam Curry”, press another out with hashtags as letdown and disappointed. Also they find it a pity that Adam Curry, but ’from the old box to be picked’. Already can see someone there lol in. “Afrojack is best changed.”

Cold comfort for the viewers who rejoiced at the artist not only as the first dj geëeerd with a holographic currency, but also the granddaughter of the founder of the world famous car brand Lamborghini on the hook would have beaten. RTL indicates that not only the transmission of Adam Curry, but also that of Afrojack a repetition of the transmission from 2016.

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