Video: Karius again, the fog in

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Loris Karius during the warm-up.

The German goalkeeper of Besiktas was in the sixth minute of the Europa League duel with the Norwegian Sarpsborg 08 good sleep. At a shot from far away of Tobias Heintz was Karius rooted to the ground and he saw the icicle to his horror, in the net behind him fly.

The goal of Heintz was already the second goal for Sarpsborg. The Norwegians had after one minute through Rashad Muhammed brutally taken the lead. Later in the game, there was Karius also more awkward way on the floor.

Karius went in October in the Europa League duel with Malmö FF also all ugly fog. Last season, in the Champions League final with Real Madrid, he gave Karim Benzema as the goalkeeper of Liverpool score a goal and he had a shelf life of Gareth Bale by his hands slip. The Reds were therefore also with 3-1.

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