Van der Jibe about #SorryJohan: ’just Go find work or such

René van der Jibe with Veronica Inside-colleague Johan Derksen.

Also, Van der Jibe nothing with the Twitter action #SorryJohan, that Thursday trending topic. “I’m not on Twitter or all those other things. I read a newspaper, that’s where it ends. Everyone and everything can find and calls on Twitter: just go to look for work or so,” said the voetbalanalist, at the beginning of this year as ’Renate’ with a blonde wig on to the Football Inside the table appeared. This in response to VTM-journalist Boudewijn boudewijn van Spilbeeck, who made himself known as a woman now to go further.

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’#SorryJohan that I was bullied and bespuugd because I’m gay’

The hashtag #SorryJohan was established after statements from Derksen in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside. “We have to stop pretending that it is so terribly difficult to come out of the closet. If you have a bit of character, you will be there just for,” said Derksen. In a response, tell the gays on Twitter how difficult it is to get out of the closet, about bullying and homophobia on the streets and in their sports clubs.

Derksen had previously know to have an understanding of the action, but also suggested that gays and lesbians endure it. “You’re not immediately homophobic as a joke. We are really a little bit of tripping in this country.”

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