’Unacceptable that Vranjes hooliganisme justify

Ognjen Vranjes

According to the Belgian Nieuwsblad, they try him maybe in January to sell. For the European duel with Trnava tonight is Vranjes already not in the selection. Officially because he is injured.

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Anderlecht-player proud of riots at AEK – Ajax

“Vranjes behaves absolutely not as an Anderlecht player,” said the new sporting boss Michael Verschueren of Anderlecht. “On and off the field, he must register as a champion to behave. We dissociate ourselves from his post and will provide an in-depth conversation with him.”

“It is unacceptable that Vranjes hooliganisme justify”, also found a trainer Hein Vanhaezebrouck. “As a footballer he is not in discussions to mix. We will take measures, but a fine enough maybe not. Vranjes should be aware of are that it can not.”

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