Ukraine: Russia blocks our ports

KIEV – Ukrainian ports on the Azov Sea are effectively blocked by Russia. This can be dozens of ships to their normal tasks will not run, says the Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Omeljan (Infrastructure). The Kremlin denies the accusation.

Omeljan sets on Facebook that eighteen ships are waiting to Sea of Azov within sail. Those vessels are on the way to the ports of Berdjansk and Marioepol. Also, vessels are forced to anchor until the sea can leave.

The minister says that vessels are only allowed to sail if they are on their way to Russian ports. “The goal is simple: by Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov to block, hopes Russia Ukraine off our own territory, to drive away”, concludes the minister.

Russia says that it is not identified in the accusation. A spokesman for the Kremlin says that with him nothing is known about problems. The shipping would just be able to make use of the Strait of Kerch, the Black Sea connects with the Sea of Azov. It would sometimes be delayed by poor weather conditions.

Russia took on Sunday, three Ukrainian naval vessels in batter that, via the Strait of Kerch to the Sea of Azov wanted to enter. The crew members are held.

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