Three quarters of a million for three maankiezeltjes

NEW YORK – possibly The only moonstones privatised at an auction in New York 885.000 dollar raised, about three quarters of a million euro. The three special ’kiezeltjes has purchased, wanted to Sotheby’s not to say. The auction house had this price about expected.

Photo for illustration

The tiny pebbles came in september, 1970, to earth thanks to the unmanned Soviet mission Luna-16. They were in a metal box with a magnifying glass as a present to Nina Koroleva, the widow of Sergei Korolev (1906-1966). He was one of the founders of the space program of the former Soviet Union. An American collector took the moonstones at a public sale in 1993.

According to Sotheby’s, all the other well-known moon rocks on earth in the possession of the authorities.

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