“This is perhaps the last”: The Rolling Stones on a farewell tour?

Keith Richards spoke to the music magazine Rolling Stone about the upcoming tour of The rolling Stones in 2019, leaving a clear hint: “Perhaps is this the very last”. “Is the upcoming tour by The Rolling Stones is really a farewell tour?”, ask the music press since.

The rolling Stones announced recently the tour dates of their ‘No Filter’tour in 2019. The series of concerts there in the years of the 57-year-old existence of the iconic English rock band.

Perhaps, thought co-founder Keith Richards on a publicity stunt when he suggested that “this tour could well have the last could be”, the fact is that the members of the band in the meantime, all (with the exception of the 71-year-old “junior” Ronnie Wood) advanced seventies – the chance would be there so just.

‘Keef’ confirmed that the band is currently working on new music works. “Mick (Jagger, ed.) and I last month a few days in the studio to record, to simply what to play. There can be a session in december, but the pin me not.”

Jagger unveiled earlier this year in an interview that he on new material for The Stones worked.

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