The friends are under pressure in Expedtie Robinson

The cast Robbe is back on Himbuyan. He arrive at the last three survivors of the vriendschapspact of Camp South. Luc, Nele and Anton know what to do this week. Robbe should the immuniteitsproef absolutely not win and back away to Winnaarseiland. Because then the three in meat cutting and on the other votes. And that would hurt after 29 days of friendship.

Everyone starts a personal plan B to figure out. So realizes Luc that he is as old rascal as first may be eaten by the young wolves Nele and Anton. Nele finds that Anton is absolutely not voted out should be. That hear it. But on one thing they agree. “He is a machine,” to realize the three. “But not unbeatable.”

The winner of the immuniteitsproef know this week so guaranteed of a place in the semi finals. In addition, the lucky at Arnaude add on Winnaarseiland with a phone in your pocket. A godsend for mom Arnaude. After four weeks of radio silence, she was six-year-old son to call. “This is the most beautiful gift ever.”

Expedition Robinson, Thursday at 20.35 on FOUR.

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