Snollebollekes bear award at seriously ill nestor

Rob ’Snollebollekes’ Kemp with theatre director Theo IJkhout.

Theo is my first director on an artistic level and continues daily to reach for friendship and advice,” writes Rob on his Facebook page. “If I have someone’ve learned anything, it is Theo. And that’s the reason this award to him.”

The popular dansact says that he was nineteen years old when Theo during his first performances, ’behind the curtain’ was. “He pinched me in my neck and said two seconds before I get the stage went up:” Make they are but broken… they are all for you!’ This sentence goes on every weekend by my head. Health and strength, old nestor!”

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Snollebollekes give extra show in the Gelredome

Last month, the two stadionconcerten of Snollebollekes in no time sold out. “Nondeju, here I am for the first time in my life speechless”, let Rob know. “We’re going to have a spectacular party. We build special dansdecks the people in the stands, so we have a completely sold out GelreDome, from left to right can let go.”

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