Semi-finalists of Dancing With The Stars plagued by stress and fatigue

20ca383f2c3add3a2dd95f3925c0a364 - Semi-finalists of Dancing With The Stars plagued by stress and fatigue

Dancing With The Stars is doing very well, meanwhile with, on average, approximately 586.000 viewers and a 24.8% market share (VVA 18-54). Tomorrow, the spotlight again focused on Kat Kerkhofs, James Cooke, Ian Thomas and Leen Dendievel in the semi-finals. Stress takes the upper hand, the fatigue starts heavy weight and their body no longer wants to cooperate, that is the verdict after 7 weeks of intensive dance training. This time they dive into the glitz and glamourwereld of Hollywood with a clear scenario: each danskoppel get two different commands on a song from a Hollywood blockbuster. Which star continues to shine and who is the falling star of the evening?

Also judge Joanna Leunis venture on the dance floor
There is a lot at stake, and the surprising elimination of Karen Damen last week, teems. They realize that no one is a dip you can afford to, although two new dances to learn in one week’s time everything but easy. The jury sets the bar even higher and two dance also means that the jury, two times points will award, which undoubtedly will have an influence on the rankings. Leen, James, Ian and Cat can still learn from a juror, Joanna Leunis, as she gets set for the opening of the show her bag of tricks above. Together with her husband, Michael Malitowski, she will the participants show why they are all major titles in the professional latincategorie awards. So she was o.a. World and European champion.

Fight next week the three remaining BV’s for the title and they have three choreographies to a good end: 1 completely new dance, and 1 dance of the past few weeks, chosen by the jury and the viewers at home.

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