Scientists are for mystery after mysterious waves

MAYOTTE Was a meteorite, a nuclear exercise? Scientists are stumped after a series of mysterious seismic waves that on november 11 the world’s factories.

The vibration came from the coast of Mayotte island, next to Madagascar.

Stations of quakes in the Indian Ocean picked up three weeks ago, a signal of seismic waves from Madagascar to Chile, New Zealand and Canada have reached. Scientists have to guess at the cause of the seismic activity, reports The Daily Mail.

The center of the mysterious activity lies off the coast of Mayotte island, next to Madagascar. The seismic waves were twenty minutes, without that many people could notice, and are similar to that of after a major earthquake.

Strangely enough, a similar earthquake in the region for months, occurred. Moreover, had the vibrations a remarkably rare frequency – almost a musical, writes the Australian

Possible explanations for the mysterious vibrations is an undiscovered meteorite, or an undersea volcanic eruption. Also on the internet speculated about a possible nuclear test. A group of scientists is now planning the region for the East African coast, to lint, to the mysterious phenomenon to explain.

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