Sam De Bruyn escaped the death

Sam De Bruyn was ever involved in a serious car accident. That accident caused a fear to him for months in the grip helped. But that is not the only fear that the radio host is facing.

In 2013 became Sam De Bruyn in a file crushed between two trucks. “In my rearview mirror I saw the yellow tientonner at full speed towards me come down and I could no way,” witness Sam De Bruyn in the Story. “I really thought my life was over.” But a miracle came to pass and Sam De Bruyn survived the handsome even though his car is completely flattened. The fear kept him a year and a half in the handle. “Then I did a year and a half not daring to near trucks to drive,” testifies to the radio host. But also in his relationship, there is a fear that Sam De Bruyn deals…

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