Reggae music on the list of intangible heritage

17a184ec01a7c3e009215d225a121f9c - Reggae music on the list of intangible heritage

PARIS – Jamaican reggae music gets a place on the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. That was decided during a meeting of the culture organisation of the United Nations on the island of Mauritius, where also other traditions a coveted spot seized on the heritage list.

The decision was apparently to the delight. Delegates spontaneously began to dance to the song One Love by Bob Marley, says a spokeswoman for UNESCO. The organization writes in a note that the original form of reggae is still the “voice of the marginalized”, but that style of music now widely embraced.

Also traditions from other countries have been declared intangible heritage of humanity. These include the Irish ball game hurling and the traditional Korean worstelsport that Ssirum or Ssireum is called. North and South Korea had jointly asked for it. The responsible committee meets until Saturday in Port Louis, capital of Mauritius.

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