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Reggae is now a cultural heritage

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The best-known representative of the Jamaican reggae is Bob Marley

The Unesco has the Jamaican reggae registered on the list of intangible cultural heritage. That happened in Port-Louis, capital of Mauritius.

The UN culture organisation will find that the music has contributed to the international awareness around issues such as injustice, protest, love and humanity.

Reggae is cerebral, sociaalpolitiek, sensual and spiritual, says Unesco.

The genre emerged in the sixties and experienced in the seventies, his golden age. Themes such as oppression, social inequality and political alienation sound in the texts of reggaegrootheden as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff.

‘Reggae is Jamaican, ” says Olivia Grange, the Jamaican minister of Culture. “The music that we have created is to all corners of the world penetrated.’

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