‘Reduce time for border controls in the EU’

BRUSSELS – Checks along the borders between EU countries should in the first instance, for two months be allowed instead of the current six. The maximum duration should be reduced from two to one year. The European Parliament voted Thursday for a such a change of the rules for the schengen area (319 against 241).

Since the migratiecrisis in 2015, countries like Germany, Austria and Denmark, their border control is extended, allowing for the free movement of persons in the EU is a dead letter seems to be. The parliament wants to controls only in exceptional situations and as a last resort. “The Schengen area is not a political toy”, said D66 Member of the european parliament Sophie in ‘t Veld. “Border controls are very easy to rigged and almost thoughtlessly extended, without proved necessity.”

Jeroen Lenaers (CDA) voted against. “It’s about the sovereignty of countries to be in imminent danger of their boundaries of control.” He acknowledges that “a member state is not, of course, for over the slightest thing, the border should be dichtgooien, but if the need for the man to be exceptions can be made.”

The parliament will now negotiate with member states on final rules.

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