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Red Devils retain officially first place in the FIFA ranking, with one point ahead

8baf0c48830573a83a4a4de09dfd339a - Red Devils retain officially first place in the FIFA ranking, with one point ahead

Belgium dominated Thursday for the third consecutive time at the top of the FIFA rankings. The Red Devils will certainly be until april next year, the lead is retained, the following competitions are held in march.

The Red Devils are still one point ahead of world champion France, the first pursuer.

Since the publication of the previous FIFA ranking came the troops of coach Roberto Martinez twice in action in the Nations League. After the 2-0 victory against Iceland was followed by a failure in Switzerland: 5-2. That is the reason why the Red Devils are not to qualify for the Final 4 of the new landencompetitie. In the same period lost to France in the Nations League with 2-0 by the Netherlands, then defeated the world champion in Uruguay with 1-0 in a friendly international match.

After Belgium (1727 points) and France (1726) reserves Brazil (1676) the third place on the world ranking, runner up at the worlds in Croatia (1634). The top five is completed by England (1631). Portugal, sixth, leapfrogging with Uruguay, seventh. Then follow Switzerland, Spain and Denmark.

Sunday, know the Red Devils against whom they include in the qualifications for Euro 2020. Will the draw take place in the Irish capital, Dublin. Belgium is in the first pot. The qualifications will take place between march 21, 2019 november 19, 2019. The first two countries from each pool qualify for the final round of the european CHAMPIONSHIP.

Belgium occupied the first place on the FIFA-ranking has been between november 2015 and april 2016.

The next FIFA ranking will be published on 20 december.


1. (1) BELGIUM 1727 points

2. (2) France 1726

3. (3) Brazil 1676

4. (4) Croatia 1634

5. (5) England 1631

6. (7) Portugal 1614

7. (6) Uruguay 1609

8. (8) Switzerland 1599

9. (9) Spain 1591

10.(10) Denmark 1589

11.(12) Argentina 1582

12.(11) Colombia 1575

13.(13) Chile 1565

14.(17) Sweden 1560

14.(15) the Netherlands 1560

16.(14) Germany 1558

17.(16) Mexico 1540

18.(19) Italy 1539

19.(18) of Wales, 1525

20.(21) Poland 1518

20.(20) Peru 1518

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