Quentin Tarantino married to singer

The two met in 2009 when Quentin in Israel

Quentin Tarantino’s Wednesday night in the south stepped up with Daniella Pick. People managed to lay his hands on the wedding picture of the couple.

The 55-year-old director and musician (35) met in 2009 when Quentin in Israel was for his film Inglourious Basterds to promote. They went after a while apart, but gave up their relationship in 2016 will get another chance. In July of 2017 was Daniella, who also works as a model, well known that Quentin and they had engaged.

Media in Israel, the homeland of Daniella, have speculated for weeks that the marriage was coming. Three days ago, posted the singer pictures of her ‘bridal shower’ on her Instagram Stories.

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