Producer Redbad requires two tonnes of YouTube

YouTube also had commercial breaks in the film are linked. “In this way has the YouTube of the illegal distribution of content is a business model created,” says producer Klaas de Jong. “The measure is full. We are talking here about an illegal and punishable offence. And YouTube denies any responsibility.”

The website is just a host and nothing is to be able to do as users to illegal content distribution. “This leads to a situation in which we as producers weekly the illegal links of our films should check on YouTube and have to beg to have them removed and then they are immediately on a different channel in the air,” said De Jong. The fact that YouTube as soon as the producer is reported, the complaints to be removed, according to The Young nothing to the case and his claim.

Digital fingerprint

A spokesman for YouTube, in a comment to know not to comment on the claim and the allegations of the Farmhouse. “We never go in on individual cases,” he says. “Producers of a film can register if they find that their content is distributed. Then the film removed.” Also, manufacturers can, in advance, a ’digital fingerprint’ of their product in YouTube pass. If a film then is distributed through one of the providers on the site, sharing YouTube any advertising revenue that the video generates with the creators.

According to director Tim Kuik of Stichting Brein, which is committed for the violation of copyright, it is the first time that a Dutch company to this step. “We recognize the enormous problem that Klaas de Jong’,” he says. “Every major Dutch film is early or late or on YouTube. We know that many producers take a lot of time and energy to have put these illegal copies to identify and remove them.”

’Very small amount’

In addition, Dutch filmmakers in revenue due to people using YouTube to watch and not go to the cinema or legal download. It is true that YouTube is a part of the income which is earned, simple. “But that is going to be a very small amount that is not proportionate to the income that the producers would get someone through legal channels to the film would look.”

The European Union is consulting for some time on legislation that it’s illegal to distribute movies through YouTube, can tackle, but so far without result. “In addition, the German court questions of interpretation to the highest European judge or YouTube itself infringe because of the degree of involvement in the distribution of infringing files sent by users should be placed”, says Kuik. This is important because there are so, both by the Commission and the European Parliament by the European court is taken into account.

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