Personal computers get own schlagerfeest

Personal computers get own schlagerfeest

On the Heather of personal computers, a village of Booischot, district of Heist-op-den-Berg and located on the dividing line Zuiderkempen – Hageland, organize the AQABA Albatross and Guides personal computers on Friday 3 may the first edition of the ‘Schlagerhei’. “Something new,” says spokesperson and co-organizer Koen Rymenants, “but we know that in our region a mass of lovers of schlager and folk music. The audience sits or stands in our covered tent and we have it for our first edition immediately, a strong poster to be composed. Our Dj presenter Kurt Frederickx may Rene Redley welcome, singer-accordionist Johan Veugelers, Sasha & Davy, Filip D Haeze, and Lindsay. For wheelchair users, their carers and people with a disability, there is a separate zone. Seats cost in presale €15. Festive pitches cost €10 and a VIP ticket, you pay €40. AQABA Albatros, a mixed scoutsgroep for young people with a disability, and Guides from personal computers, to deposit the proceeds of the ‘Schlagerhei’ due to their Support for stone’-a project that will help the further development of their bijlokalen finance. From 1 december, you can order tickets online at or through a number of regional outlets.”

On the Heather, their future festival, AQABA Albatross and Guides personal computers, in the presence of some members, the gathered press and the Aarschotse singer-accordionist Johan Veugelers, officially the poster suggested of the ‘Schlagerhei 2019’, which takes place on Friday 3 may. “In the autumn, and the schlagerfestivals in o.a. Haacht and Baal – Tremelo, in the spring, we are opening in the region Zuiderkempen – Hageland the new festival season with the ‘Schlagerhei’. The tent and infrastructure to be used optimally, with our Friday schlagerfeest and Sunday the annual moto – and bike ride, both in the character of our Support for stone’-action”, says Koen Rymenants.

The Campine schlager – and ambiancemaker Rene Redley, known for the sing-along ‘What a fine thing’, bites on may 3, the striker off. Then it is the turn of the in Aarschot living singer-accordionist Johan Veugelers: “I always find it amazing when I in my neighbourhood may occur. People who enjoy a good bulb to go with my ‘Flemish nights’ or my ode To all the beautiful girls. Delicious!”

In addition to its contribution to The Romeo’s, is Davy Gilles also has a successful duo with his wife, Sasha Rosen. ‘The Jukebox’-album by Sasha & Davy was the past year a success.
On stage they bring a perfect mix of English sixties classics, supplemented with o.a. ‘Mamma Maria’, ‘Prodigy’ and their current hit single ‘waste of time’.

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