Orbán takes campaign revenge on Verhofstadt: ‘not very original’

The Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán an anti-European campaign started with Guy Verhofstadt endorse. “This is not very original’, responds).

“Since 2015 died, hundreds of people as a result of terrorist attacks, but Guy Verhofstadt says: there is no migratiecrisis. This is insane’, stands on a poster with a picture of the Belgian ex-prime minister there.

Verhofstadt and his liberal Alde group are, according to Orbán too lax in the area of migration. The action of the right-wing Hungarian prime minister is clearly a response to the poster campaign of the European liberals recently against him.

More than life-size were the European liberals and the Hungarian government on a billboard truck. “First he took our money, now he wants Europe to destroy’, was on the bill. The message was that they are in Alde more than tired of that constant and endless media campaign of the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party against the EU values, while he is a corrupt and illiberale state building’.

Just as We let Orbán the posters of his campaign, driving on a led full. On Twitter mentions, Towards Orbán ‘not very original’. ‘First, you have the policy of Putin copied, then you have money from the EU has decreased and now do you steal my campaign ideas.’

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